OPIHR, the UK’s no. 1 premium spiced gin brand, is unveiling three new expressions this month, each with a distinct taste profile based on intriguing culinary flavours from around the world.

Available to UK retailers and on-trade operators now in 70cl format, the OPIHR Regional Editions Collection sees the original spiced gin brand put its own spin on the flavoured gin trend, with flavours including black lemon and pepper (Arabian Edition), Szechuan pepper (Far East Edition) and aromatic myrrh and cascarilla bark (European Edition).

The three areas of the world celebrated in the Regional Editions Collection all featured in the Ancient Spice Route, which inspired the creation of OPIHR in 2012. The new Regional Editions see OPIHR take a culinary approach to flavour, bringing the tastes of each region to the fore, giving consumers the opportunity to discover new and interesting flavour combinations that complement the London Dry Gin style rather than overpower it.

Containing key ingredients unique to each region, each expression introduces intriguing flavour trends from that area, taking the drinker on a journey of discovery with every sip. The brand’s story and links to the Ancient Spice Route is highlighted through an illustrated map of the respective region on the label of each bottle.  

The journey starts in China with the OPIHR Far East Edition, which sees the rich flavours of szechuan pepper and smoky ajwain create an intense, warm mouthfeel. Mixed with tomato juice, Worcester sauce, tabasco, lemon juice, olive brine and black pepper, OPIHR Far East Edition makes a delicious Spiced Red Snapper.


The OPIHR Arabian Edition combines black lemons and timut pepper for an intense citrus and spice-led gin. Mixed with kaffir lime leaf liqueur, lime juice and sugar syrup, the Arabian edition creates a delicious Spiced Daiquiri.

The OPIHR European Edition sees cascarilla bark blended with fragrant myrrh to create an aromatic and fragrant gin. This edition pairs perfectly with sweet vermouth and Campari to make an aromatic Spiced Negroni.

Robert Milton, Global Brand Director for OPIHR Gin at Quintessential Brands, comments, “The OPIHR story is one of cultural exploration and sharing; not being afraid of the unknown, embracing it, and the OPIHR Regional Editions are a celebration of this. At the same time, we know that many premium gin drinkers today enjoy exploring the gin category but with the regional editions, we’re taking a more nuanced approach to flavour than the gin category has seen of late, with spices and herbs carefully balanced to complement the juniper base flavour, not overpower it. We’re excited to be leading the way in this new frontier for gin and helping our customers continue to reap the rewards the gin category provides.”

To support the launch, OPIHR has partnered with The Last Overland, an intercontinental expedition recreating the iconic First Overland journey, which took place in 1955 and was the first time anyone had successfully travelled by land from London to Singapore.  OPIHR is joining the expedition team for the three-month, 16,000km journey to London in the Land Rover restored from the original expedition, travelling across 20 countries, and is chronicling the journey through social media channels.


OPIHR Regional Editions are also available to order in 1L and 5cl formats, in addition to 70cl. The recommended retail price for 70cl is £26.95.


For information on OPIHR Gin please visit www.OPIHR.com

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To follow OPIHR’s journey with The Last Overland, visit Instagram.com/Opihrgin

Notes to Editors:


European Edition

  • Cascarilla bark & fragrant myrrh
  • Appearance: A clear, bright liquid
  • Nose: A bold savoury-led gin with balanced burnt orange and bitter notes. It has smooth soft perfume notes with mature rounded orange notes and a woody, earthy finish
  • Taste: A smooth, rounded London Dry gin; soft camphor balanced with sweet smoky liquorice-type woody notes and a clean finish


Arabian Edition

  • Persian black lemons & timut pepper
  • Appearance: A clear, bright liquid
  • Nose: A richly intense Arabian citrus & spice-led gin. It has the smooth soft perfume notes from our fundamental juniper core but   balanced with concentrated citrus notes of Black Lemons, galangal and Timut peppers
  • Taste: A smooth, rounded London Dry gin; soft camphor, sharp burst of green citrus notes with some sweetness, which creates a warm mouth feel that lingers but does not increase in intensity


Far East Edition

  • Szechuan pepper & smoky Ajwain
  • Appearance: A clear, bright liquid
  • Nose: A bold, intense and richly spiced gin from the Far East. It has invigorating warm spice notes of Szechuan peppers and a background of lemony thyme & lavender notes
  • Taste: A very smooth, rounded London Dry gin with rich pungent spices that creates an intense warm mouth feel


European Edition

Spiced Negroni

Our Spiced Negroni is a classic enhanced by the spiced blend of botanicals within our European Edition. The bitterness of the Cascarilla Bark botanical is delicately balanced within the Negroni to create the perfect aromatic sensation.


  • 35ml OPIHR European Edition Gin
  • 25ml Sweet vermouth
  • 25ml Campari
  • Orange peel garnish


Stir down. Serve over ice in rocks glass. Garnish with orange peel.

Arabian Edition

Spiced Daiquiri

The citrus burst in the Spiced Daiquiri owes itself to the Persian black lemons within our Arabian Edition. Elevated through the marriage of citrus and spice, this drink is perfectly balanced and refreshing.


  • 40ml OPIHR Arabian Edition Gin
  • 10ml Kaffir lime leaf liqueur
  • 15ml Lime juice
  • 20ml Sugar syrup



Shake over ice and double strain into coupette. Garnish with bay leaf.

Far East Edition

Spiced Red Snapper

Journey to Chengdu, China with our Spiced Red Snapper created with our Far East Edition. The Szechuan Pepper within the gin adds a fiery kick, creating an exceptional flavour combination.


  • 50ml OPIHR Far East Edition Gin
  • 85ml Tomato juice
  • 4 dashes Worcester sauce
  • 2 dashes Tabasco
  • 15ml Lemon juice
  • 5ml Olive brine
  • 5g Black pepper
  • Lemongrass garnish



Build in Collins (or similar glass) with ice. Stir down and squeeze over lemon. Season with salt and pepper. Garnish with lemongrass.

For more information, please contact the communications team at Quintessential Brands by e-mail: [email protected]


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