Enter the fri-end zone: British women cutting ‘bad friends’ out of their life post-pandemic

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Enter the fri-end zone: British women cutting ‘bad friends’ out of their life post-pandemic

Nearly half of women say the pandemic has had at least one positive effect on their life

  • Saying yes to themselves: Nearly half of women are declining ‘boring dates’, ‘tacky hen’ parties, and over a quarter are ducking out of weddings and family gatherings
  • Taking back their power: three out of ten women have cut out ‘bad friends’
  • Hungry for success: One in ten women quit unfulfilling jobs to pursue more ambitious careers
  • Katie Piper launches BLOOM Bright, a fund of £20,000 to help women bloom out of lockdown, tick off their bucket lists and say ‘YES’ to the things they really enjoy

2 August 2021 – Women across the UK are experiencing an unexpected pandemic silver lining, as a new report reveals that nearly half are declining meaningless invitations to events and cutting ties with ‘fake friends’ to spend time with people and on things that enrich their lives.

The survey, conducted by BLOOM Gin to spotlight the views of modern British women on things that matter to them, saw respondents overwhelmingly agree that the pandemic has had a ‘positive’ effect on their personal lives – with UK women feeling more comfortable saying no to things they aren’t interested in and taking a stand for those they are.

Those surveyed stated that: “I’m becoming more self-sufficient, and less dependent on weak friendships.


Women have claimed to no longer entertain ‘boring dates’, attend ‘tacky hen parties’, and are ready to excuse their way out of monumental occasions including weddings for casual acquaintances or colleagues, and family gatherings with distant relatives.

Instead, they’re choosing to invest their time in gatherings and get-togethers that are meaningful to them, opting out of hen do’s of acquaintances to spend time in their own company, or with close friends and family.

The pandemic has brought interpersonal relationships, work lives and social issues into sharp focus, as months of lockdown restrictions have unsurprisingly left many keen to put their energy into their careers, their closest loved ones, and causes that count.

This points to a trend of 2021 being the year of saying ‘no’ for women in the UK – or, rather, saying ‘yes’ to the things they really want to, enhancing their lives in the process.

Whereas superficial friendships haven’t survived the lockdown, core friendships have become cemented as your friends for life. Saying no is really important but saying no and then rewriting what you want to say yes to is equally valid,” commented one participant of the research study and the founder of Boost Innovations, Samantha Jackman.

As a business owner, I’ve been amazed at what I can achieve when I really protect my time and energy and say yes to things intentionally. Post-pandemic, there is much more scope for women to take control over their own narratives, to re-empower themselves. It’s about finding the best course of action to make meaningful change so that you can put conditions in place so you don’t always have to say no again.”


To inspire women to continue to boost their lives post-lockdown, writer and broadcaster Katie Piper has partnered with BLOOM Gin to launch BLOOM Bright, a fund of £20,000 to help women spend their time wisely and say ‘yes’ to the things that really matter to them.

Katie commented: “We want to encourage more women to say ‘yes’ to themselves and the things they love, and hopefully we can help a few tick off some big bucket list dreams along the way.”

“Many put their passions on hold in order to support and nurture the people around them – which is fulfilling in many ways, but sometimes can mean you don’t leave yourself enough time to really make your soul shine. This is a wonderful project which focuses on looking after yourself, and saying yes to things that bring YOU joy.”

Whether funding an interior design course, hosting the big 30th that was cancelled, the trip of a lifetime with your closest girlfriends, or a dream house renovation that has been in the works, BLOOM Bright is presenting the opportunity to achieve the dreams lockdown put on hold.

To win funding from BLOOM Bright to pursue your post-lockdown dream, all you need to do is submit a 250-word description explaining why you deserve it on www.bloomgin.com/bloombright. Entries can be submitted from the 2 August to 24 September 2021.


Editor’s Notes


An online survey was conducted by Research Without Barrier among 2,018 respondents from the UK. The research fieldwork was conducted between 4th June – 11th June 2021. Research Without Barriers is an independent creative market research agency that employs MRS-certified researchers and abides by MRS code.

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