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Thomas Dakin

Thomas Dakin is a small batch gin of unmistakable character handcrafted using the finest botanicals and inspired by Thomas Dakin, the forefather of quality English gin.

Handcrafted in a baby copper pot still, Thomas Dakin is a traditional juniper-led gin with notes of sweet orange and citrus, enlivened by an infusion of distinctive red cole (horseradish), a root botanical used in refreshing cordials in 18th century northern England, which gives our gin its long, lingering finish.

Thomas Dakin was a young entrepreneur who, at the age of 25, began distilling his gin in the north of England. In 1761, before the outset of the Industrial Revolution, he pioneered the development and refinement of high quality English gin, before anyone else. His inventive and enlightened outlook created a superior quality spirit and an unrivalled gin distilling heritage and legacy. No other gin has such a rich heritage. Thomas Dakin: the forefather of quality English gin